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It all starts with our raw ingredients.  We always do our best to source the best ingredients, including seasonal Scandinavian fish and produce.  We simply use the best quality rice and fish available in Sweden so that even our simplest menus are of the highest quality. 

It's all about the food.

If you've never eaten with us before, the first thing you'll notice is how small our restaurant is.  Hopefully the second thing you'll notice is the high quality of our sushi.   Due to our small size and because we do not serve alcohol, we are primarily a take away restaurant. However if you are a small group, that doesn't mind our limitations, dining in is a recommended option.

New meets old

At Sushibaren we try hard to incorporate the best ingredients available to us in Sweden with the ideals of Japanese Sushi.  In many cases our ingredients are imported from Japan, in others we find adapting our menu to the finest Scandinavia fresh fish and produce gives the best results.  Because of this our sushi is often a blend of both traditional Japanese sushi and more modern and creative dishes inspired by what is around us.