Omakase Wednesdays will officially be on pause until the fall.  Thanks to everyone who has booked this year, and made this concept such a success.  And thanks to everyone who is currently on our waiting list, apologies that we could not fit in everyone this spring. 

We are looking forward to starting up again after the summer, and we really appreciate all the interest.

If you would like to be on our interest list and receive an email when we open our first booking window in the fall, please send an email to

Omakase Wednesdays, where we will take our normal Omakase experience a step further.

By having a single event once a week we will be able to buy in higher end ingredients that are not available to us every day, and ensure our best chefs are in the kitchen.

What to know before booking

Because this is a set menu being served to all attendees, this event is best suited for those willing to eat a wide range of items, while most pieces are intended to simply be delicious, we will also hopefully be introducing the customer to a few new flavours and experiences, and the dinner should be open to pushing their own culinary boundaries. We are limited in our ability to accommodate most allergies and food preferences, so if you are uncertain, please contact us at our email below before booking.

In addition, as of now we do not serve alcohol, so all booking customers should be aware that it will not be part of the dining experience.

Sushibaren Omakase
Sushibaren Omakase event

The menu and Pricing

While some items will make a regular apperance, the menu will change based on the seasonal ingredients available to us. The dinner will consist of 10-12 servings and cost 625:- Per person.

How to book 

Please email us at the link below. We are very small, so we only have three tables available, we have two tables that can accommodate 3 people and one that can accommodate 4 people, because of this  we require a minimum of two people to book, if you are a single diner please express your interest and we will try to find you a table to share, but we can not make any guarantees.  Larger parties can be split into multiple tables.


(available tuesday and thursday)

A Japanese expression meaning "it's up to you" or "chefs choice"

Is a traditional Japanese way of eating sushi where every piece is served individually, using the best ingredients of the day.  

We combine both our favorite traditional recipes as well as more modern flavors for a unique dining experience.  

Omakase is available for dine in guests, on tuesday and thursday.   It is possible to book mondays, but we usually have a limited assortment of fish.  2 person minimum to order full menu.  

8 piece menu         250:-

10 piece menu        315:-

12 piece menu        350:-

All three include miso soup, green tea and a mix of homemade pickles and seaweed salad.